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About Us


The Botswana Bond Market Association (BBMA) is a national non-profit association comprising of financial market participants, investment management institutions, investment management professionals,capital market intermediaries, issuers of investment securities, service providers within the bond market, related capital market practitioners as well as experts and scholars.


The mandate of Botswana Bond Market Association is focused on the development of the bond market in Botswana. The Association serves to collaborate and complement the bond market development initiatives undertaken by Botswana Stock Exchange and the industry as a whole. The Association seeks to contribute to policy issues affecting the bond market, contribute to addressing and undertaking reforms supporting bond market development, speak with one voice and act as a lobby group for implementation of bond market development initiatives and to promote liquidity and broad based activity in the domestic bond market.


The Association seeks to protect and promote the common interests of bond market participants the following ways:

  • To promote the legitimate interests of its members and raise their concerns, proposals and requests in respect of the development ofthe bond market;
  • To act as a mouthpiece for members at various forums and represent members at all relevant forums;
  • To facilitate open, competitive and efficient interaction within its members and the global capital market;
  • To educate members and the public and enhance their awareness and adherence to legislative frame works within the bond market;
  • To promote skills development, information dissemination and investor participation in the bond market;
  • To organize researches and exchanges among members of the Association on the development of new products and promote visibility of the domestic bond market;